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I like Windows Mobile and am not ashamed to admit it – Good for you Matt Miller!

Posted by jngold24 on October 31, 2008

Matt Miller, a well known mobile device enthusiast is a fan of many mobile platforms but based on his latest article, he likes Windows Mobile! Good for you Matt Miller. I know Matt has been an avid fan of the Nokia S60 platform as well as an Apple iPhone owner. When someone with Matt’s experience says he likes something, it bears some weight. Matt’s article is well written and discusses the power and capability of Windows Mobile balanced with Microsoft’s inability to centralize marketing because of the sheer variety of of WM devices on the market.

Take a read, and see why Matt is not ashamed to say he likes Windows Mobile and why I share the same sentiment!

Why I like Windows Mobile and am not ashamed to admit it


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Milante case fits my Diamond just swell

Posted by jngold24 on October 28, 2008

One of the real nice things about size of the HTC Diamond is its small size. Small size usually means more choices as far as cases that the device actually fits in. Shopping at my local Radio Shack I found a real nice leather case that the Diamond fits perfectly in. The case is made by Milante and has a very strong flip-over magnet strip to keep the diamond safe. The attached back belt clip is a 360 degree swivel so you can wear the device vertical or horizontal. The quality of the case seems really nice with elegant white stitching and a small metal “M” logo on the front flip.

Free Image Hosting at

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If I recall correctly the case cost $29.99, which compared to some of the cases I have had in my PDA/phone career, is pretty darn cheap compared to likes of Sena, Vaja, EB, etc. I highly recommend this all-purpose phone case to anyone that is looking to carry a Diamond on their belt.

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Cool App Allows Today Screen Plugins to be used with TF3D

Posted by jngold24 on October 28, 2008

A very ingenious developer is working on a very cool app that will allow running of today screen plugins in a Touch Flo 3d environment.    The app allows for an upward swipe (kind of like Touch Flo 1 cube) to bring up another screen that can contain traditional Windows Mobile Today screen plug-in apps.  Check out the YouTube video that shows the app in action using Spb Mobile Shell.

Here’s hoping that this app really sees the light of day.

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AndroidCentral Posts Informative Review of Google Android OS

Posted by jngold24 on October 26, 2008

Kudos to Dieter Bohn for writing one of the most in depth Google Android OS reviews that I have had the pleasure of reading. Thanks Dieter!

Check it out

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HTC Weather Servers Down….Here I am thinking it’s my Diamond!

Posted by jngold24 on October 26, 2008

Yesterday I was having difficulty retrieving weather information on my new Touch Diamond. Each time the Diamond would attempt to retrieve the weather, it would come back with an error message that the information could not be retrieved. It was strange since all other forms of internet communications worked fine such as email, browsers, etc. Getting a bit frustrated, I did what any rational Windows Mobile owner does, the dreaded hard reset! Must to my dismay, even after the hard reset the weather information was still problematic. So what’s a distraught HTC owner to do? Go to XDA to find out that the HTC weather servers were down.

It seems everything is back to normal now. However, it is a bit strange that I needed to go to a technical site to even know that there was an issue that was not localized to my device. For an average consumer, they would never have know to go to a site like XDA to find out about the downed servers. There’s got to be a better way of letting the consumer what’s going on in situations like this.

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Google Soft Keyboard….Engadget Mobile is Paying attention

Posted by jngold24 on October 25, 2008

My little rant about the lack of software keyboard in the Google Android OS apparently was brought to light (the topic, not my rant) by Engadget Mobile. According to Engadget, “a rough roadmap posted on the new Android source repository has soft keyboard support penciled in for the the first three months of next year.” Gee, Google, when designing a new mobile OS that works on multiple hardware form factors, don’t you think that a soft keyboard would be pretty important to those devices that actually DIDN’T HAVE A KEYBOARD?!? I can imagine a lot of G1 slider mechanisms, getting a workout each time a text message, email, note, contact, or URL is entered.

[Via HTC Source]

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New US spec HTC Diamond Arrived!

Posted by jngold24 on October 22, 2008

My new US spec unlocked HTC Touch Diamond arrived today courtesy of Decho Wireless. I will post my thoughts and opinions after I have it configured to my liking. Stay tuned.

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New Opera Beta…Nice but Opera needs to consolidate code

Posted by jngold24 on October 22, 2008

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This week Opera released beta 2 of it’s popular browser for Windows Mobile. Beta 2 introduces support for widgets, small applications that run inside the browser, and has many performance improvements. However, what some may not know is that Opera has been working with HTC to customize the browser for many of the newer “Touch” devices. For those who follow XDA-Developers, these customized Opera versions can be installed on other Windows Mobile Pro devices. I personally have been running a customized version for quite some time now on my HTC Touch Cruise. When you compare some of the later customized Opera 9 versions to the latest “official betas” from Opera, you will see an overall more functional and feature laden application. Don’t get me wrong, the newest Beta from Opera is significantly faster than the version I am running on the Cruise but the custom version just seems a bit more polished and stable. One of the annoying bugs of Beta 2 is the fact that any text entry automatically defaults to the standard WM keyboard and not your selected input panel.

So, why has Opera decided to maintain two versions of the Opera browser? A forum member at XDA-Developers has offered his opinion about that very question:

This new Opera release is exactly as Opera have stated – a “PUBLIC” release, so it is NOT packaged, skinned or built as per the usual Opera builds we are used to – such as those incorporated in the roms or available from these forums. If one inspects the distribution, you will find a very different file structure, skin support, and directory paths, very unlike our usual Opera builds on the stock Diamond and other HTC devices.

This is because the Opera builds that we are all accustomed to (and subsequently patched together and distributed by Senior Members on these forums) have been customized by HTC working with Opera. In this manner there almost absolutely ARE the equivalent of TWO BRANCHES of Opera build. This how we get (and continue to use) a very specific branch of Opera9.5 on our devices – of which this Public beta is NOT one.

The build numbers (i.e. 1938; 2392; 2723) simply represent the versioning of the Binary development at Opera and are not related to the packaging, distribution and integration for particular vendors or devices which will be different again, though still utilizing those same build numbers.

When this is packaged for the Diamond – as our current builds are – it will be great on our devices. At the moment though, this is just a generic public release beta, so has not been customised by HTC to fit the scheme, theme, directory/file structure (and hence Manila integration) of our Diamonds.

Until then, you can of course install it separately, however please be aware that because it has not been packaged for the Diamond it will install neither binaries, nor libraries to the same location as the specific Diamond builds. Hence it will not be guaranteed to replace existing files in the rom, and may therefore conflict or leave two versions of Opera on the device.

Of course it is only my opinion that the above points are important – others may agree or disagree.

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Hey Google…”Where’s the SIP?”

Posted by jngold24 on October 20, 2008

I have read more than my share of reviews for the G1, TMobile’s Google Android phone. In all the reviews, I have yet to see any type of software input keyboard. Given that the G1 has a slide-out keyboard, you may ask why in the world would you need a software keyboard like the Apple iPhone or CooTek’s Touchpal Pro for Windows Mobile? Well, I for one think having to slide out a keyboard for a quick text message, a URL entry in a browser, or just a quick note can be quite the pain-in-the-neck. Even WM Pro devices with keyboards have the ability to use either software or hardware keyboards. Hmmmm….will software keyboards be the domain of 3rd party developers or did Google just plain think that people would want to slide a keyboard out each time? Strange since Google did say that Android would exist on all form factors including keyboard-less slabs.

Did I miss something? Or perhaps the software keyboard is invisible?

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Looking Sweet in Silver…the Sony Ericsson Xperia X1

Posted by jngold24 on October 20, 2008

Image Hosted by
Wow! The saliva-generating Xperia sure looks good in that brushed metal skin! has posted a comprehensive review of the much lusted after Windows Mobile device. Even though I have weaned myself off a physical keyboard device, both slider (KJAM) and front facing (Treo 750), the X1 and that screen makes me think twice.

Will this beauty ever reach US shores? I am sure that are many WM fanboys (and even non-fanboys) are hoping it does!

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