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A_C’s S2U2 One of the best free apps for WM Pro Devices

Posted by jngold24 on October 19, 2008

Once in a while you come across a developer of software who really goes above and beyond the rest in terms of quality applications in the freeware space. One of those developers is A_C and his suite of applications. The Slide to Unlock application (S2U2), mimics the unlocking app on the Apple iPhone and much more. I have been using this app to lock my Windows Mobile Pro device for many months now and it just keeps getting better. Some of the latest changes include the inclusion of both Touch Flo 2d/3d weather forecasts, an improved slider for accepting and ignoring calls and much, much more. I highly recommend this application to WM Pro owners who want a convenient and powerful locking application.

Click here to check out A_C’s new site dedicated to his applications….you won’t be sorry!


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