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Hey Google…”Where’s the SIP?”

Posted by jngold24 on October 20, 2008

I have read more than my share of reviews for the G1, TMobile’s Google Android phone. In all the reviews, I have yet to see any type of software input keyboard. Given that the G1 has a slide-out keyboard, you may ask why in the world would you need a software keyboard like the Apple iPhone or CooTek’s Touchpal Pro for Windows Mobile? Well, I for one think having to slide out a keyboard for a quick text message, a URL entry in a browser, or just a quick note can be quite the pain-in-the-neck. Even WM Pro devices with keyboards have the ability to use either software or hardware keyboards. Hmmmm….will software keyboards be the domain of 3rd party developers or did Google just plain think that people would want to slide a keyboard out each time? Strange since Google did say that Android would exist on all form factors including keyboard-less slabs.

Did I miss something? Or perhaps the software keyboard is invisible?


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