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HTC Weather Servers Down….Here I am thinking it’s my Diamond!

Posted by jngold24 on October 26, 2008

Yesterday I was having difficulty retrieving weather information on my new Touch Diamond. Each time the Diamond would attempt to retrieve the weather, it would come back with an error message that the information could not be retrieved. It was strange since all other forms of internet communications worked fine such as email, browsers, etc. Getting a bit frustrated, I did what any rational Windows Mobile owner does, the dreaded hard reset! Must to my dismay, even after the hard reset the weather information was still problematic. So what’s a distraught HTC owner to do? Go to XDA to find out that the HTC weather servers were down.

It seems everything is back to normal now. However, it is a bit strange that I needed to go to a technical site to even know that there was an issue that was not localized to my device. For an average consumer, they would never have know to go to a site like XDA to find out about the downed servers. There’s got to be a better way of letting the consumer what’s going on in situations like this.


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