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How to Pick an SEO Supplier

Posted by jngold24 on December 27, 2009

By now you understand that SEO can increase your company’s profits. You also realize that it is a time intensive process in an industry where the rules are always changing.

Fortunately, you can hire someone else to do it, but the question is… which SEO company should you trust?

This article explains what to look for when hiring a professional SEO company.

Request a portfolio of top ranking sites
Ask for screenshots of previous rankings, as well as testimonials from clients. You should also find out how long they have been in business

Be wary of the one man team
Ask yourself, what if this person abandoned my site, how would this impact the business? How long would it take to qualify and hire another SEO company? Professional companies have people specializing in at least two areas, web development and copy writing. WSI has a highly qualified team of SEO experts

What are their ethical standards?
Since SEO can bring a lot of business to a company, it can be tempting to try to “trick” the search engines with unethical techniques. These techniques, often referred to as “black hat” may work for a short period but can actually get an entire website banned from the search engines!

Be suspicious of money back guarantees
Since no SEO company controls the search engines, no SEO firm can ethically guarantee a specific ranking for a specific keyword phrase on a particular search engine

Will they make site architecture recommendations?
There are many fundamental web development techniques that need to be applied to the website to ensure the search engine can “read” and index the site properly. Your SEO company should assess your current technology and provide recommendations to enhance it or offer to do the preparation work for you. At WSI, we provide an SEO Discovery ReportTM for every website. This proprietary report analyzes the opportunities in the market, current challenges with the existing site and recommendations to enhance its search engine friendliness

Understand the pricing structure
Unless you want SEO from an untried or unproven source, you should not expect rock bottom prices. If they are that low, you may not expect the company to be around for long or you are gambling on the results

Understand the company’s methodology
Firstly, do they have a methodology? Is it consistent? If so, does it make sense or have they outlined it in greek? They don’t need to give you the exact specifics, but if they say the way they optimize is proprietary – run!

WSI has a clear methodology that has achieved results every time!


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