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Just Ordered MiLi Power Skin Charging iPhone Case

Posted by jngold24 on January 31, 2010

As an iPhone 3GS owner, I know full well the battery woes of heavy usage when not near a charging source. In the past, I have purchased additional removable battery packs (iPwr), and a Case-Mate Fuel charging/holster. Now I am trying something different. I just placed an order an MiLi Power Skin charging case. The Power Skin is supposedly the thinnest power case on the market. I decided on the MiLi Power Skin over the popular Mophie Juice Air since the Mili is thinner and less bulky than the Mophie. While thinner than the Mophie, the MiLi Power Skin provides the same 1200 mah charging power.

I ordered the Power Skin directly from MiLi Direct – Power Skin. I look forward to receiving the case and enjoying the extra power it will provide. Stay tuned for live pics and my thoughts on the product once I have had the chance to use it.

MiLi Power Skin iPhone Charging Case


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Milante case fits my Diamond just swell

Posted by jngold24 on October 28, 2008

One of the real nice things about size of the HTC Diamond is its small size. Small size usually means more choices as far as cases that the device actually fits in. Shopping at my local Radio Shack I found a real nice leather case that the Diamond fits perfectly in. The case is made by Milante and has a very strong flip-over magnet strip to keep the diamond safe. The attached back belt clip is a 360 degree swivel so you can wear the device vertical or horizontal. The quality of the case seems really nice with elegant white stitching and a small metal “M” logo on the front flip.

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If I recall correctly the case cost $29.99, which compared to some of the cases I have had in my PDA/phone career, is pretty darn cheap compared to likes of Sena, Vaja, EB, etc. I highly recommend this all-purpose phone case to anyone that is looking to carry a Diamond on their belt.

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